Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Movies

Bud Spencer (Carlo Pedersoli) is well known for his roles in action-comedy films alongside film partner and fellow Italian actor Terence Hill (Mario Girotti). Together, they made famous the genre of movies commonly referred to as, spaghetti westerns. The eating scenes in the movies they both appear in are a major comic element.

In 1968, Carlo Pedersoli was cast to play a tough guy in the spaghetti western “God Forgives, I Don’t”, with Peter Martell. Four days into shooting, Martell had a freak accident and broke his leg from falling off his horse. The standby actor happened to be Mario Girotti, he took Martell’s place and appeared for the first time alongside Carlo Pedersoli. This is the infamous moment when Terence Hill and Bud Spencer were born.

movies of bud spencer and terence hillThe success of the film saw the duo offered roles in a number of movies. The first came a year later in the 1969 film. The film sees a drifter, Trinity, played by Hill, come to town where his brother Bambino, played by Spencer, is sheriff. Unknown to the town folk Bambino is actually a robber who brutally injured the actual sheriff and left him for dead, and in result became sheriff himself. The two brothers join forces against a local land baron who tries to grab land which is inhabited by Mormon settlers. He tries to do so by getting rid of them. The brothers go through the motions of the usual plot of good versus evil in which good always prevails.

In 1972 the duo made their first modern film. Salud, played by Spencer, and Plata, played by Hill, deviously make a living as bush pilots in the South American jungle. Their specialty is faking plane crashes, this sees them collect the insurance claims. Unfortunately, their plan eventually backfires and the plane crashes for real in the middle of the jungle one time. Deep in the jungle they find a community of diamond miners. The mines are run by Mr. Ears, played by Reinhard Kolldehoff. Plata and Salud see this as an opportunity and try to make ends meet by going into competition with Mr. Ears. The two find later find out that the jungle holds many deep dark secrets lying beneath the surface.

The two then went on to co-star in the box office success in 1974. The movie revolves around two racers, Ben, played by Spencer, is competition car driver who is pulsatingly waiting for the next race. The reason it is so important to him is the overall prize,dune buggy which is red in color. Unknown to him, The Kid, played by Hill, has his eye on the same prize too. This does not particularly sit well with Ben because the Kid has a made a name for himself for being very talented. The race takes place and by a stroke of coincidence, they both emerge number one. After being awarded the prize, they decide on ways to break the tie, it is a fast paced film which is very entertaining.

Hill and Spencer made further made, “Two missionaries” (1974),, “Odds and evens” (1978), “Two supercops” (1976), “I’m for the hippopotamus”(1979), among others. The success was huge and the audience was always left entertained.

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